The Wild Harvest Initiative (WHI)

Wild Harvest Initiative

In 2015, Conservation Visions Inc. embarked on a landmark project, the Wild Harvest Initiative. The Wild Harvest Initiative is a multi-year program designed to evaluate the economic and social benefits of wild animal harvests in American and Canadian societies. Founded upon and driven by a diverse partnership of individuals, business interests, conservation NGOs, and government agencies, the project’s mission is to provide a first-ever evaluation of the biomass and economic value of the wild food harvested by recreational hunters and anglers in Canada and the United States, and to assess the wider community of consumers who share in this harvest. Its outcomes will contribute to conversations about the significance of such wild animal harvest in modern North American society, exploring its connections to the conservation of wild lands and waters, the environment, and our own food security.

By conjoining these insights with existing economic assessments of recreational hunting and angling, and by evaluating the costs and mechanisms that might be considered necessary to replace this wild food harvest, the Initiative will also help focus a wider question facing conservation policy institutions in both countries. If hunting and angling were to cease tomorrow, what would be the consequences?

The Wild Harvest Initiative is relevant to people everywhere who are concerned with safe, healthy food, and will prove especially significant in terms of food security; wildlife management; cultural traditions; human health and fitness; conservation and sustainable resource use; agriculture; and for public and private land use policies.

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Wild Harvest Initiative

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